Requests for help from a wisewoman haven’t changed much over the centuries and the services offered include:

General Consultations – Counselling – Tarot Readings

Creation of Charms – Rituals – Spells

Curse Removal – Wart Charming

Psychic Cleansing for Homes and Business Premises


Celebrant skills are also available for all Rites of Passage including:

Baby Blessings/Naming Ceremonies


Last Rites

A long tradition of trade between wisewomen and their clients still exists; therefore a fee will be requested for each consultation or other services.  Travelling expenses will be charged at cost.

More details of our services can be found on Laetitia Latham Jones’ Website

Personal Ethical Code of Practice

Full confidentiality is assured

Works of magic are only performed with the recipients full knowledge and permission

Any work which knowingly causes harm to others will be declined

Various Ingredients. Photo credits: Ella Nicholas French

Any creatures that are used for charms have died naturally and are made use of.

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