I was Cornish made and the offspring of a Shropshire lad and Yorkshire lass.  Rather unfortunately for me I was adopted shortly after and moved to the South East of England where I stayed for my formative years.  Following my adoptive parents’ demise and gaining access to my adoption papers, I moved back to my homeland where I have been ever since.

I followed a nursing career, trained as a counsellor and gained an honours degree in Theatre.  I moved to St Buryan in the early Eighties where I became the village wisewoman.

I made the decision to retire when I reached my 60th birthday and would be drawing a pension. As the time approached I decided to retire officially on the Spring Equinox 2010 as it was on that date I began my business as village wisewoman all those years ago. It also balanced my account books.

I was really looking forward to having a well-earned rest and a bit of peace and quiet…..well….was I in for a surprise!! Where on earth did I find the time to work before?

My feet haven’t touched the ground since, or if they have it is in a very different way as I have learned how to Morris dance! A lot of time and energy goes into being with our team Boekka as a Teazer, dancer and percussionist.  It’s a fascinating world which isn’t all about bells and hankies, but more about wearing disguise, waving sticks around and exhibiting a lot of attitude…right up my street!

Although I have stopped trading as a wisewoman, it is a lifestyle as well as a profession, so I am still the Wisewoman of St Buryan and will remain so until the end of my life.



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