I was Cornish made and the offspring of a Shropshire lad and Yorkshire lass.  Rather unfortunately for me I was adopted shortly after and moved to the South East of England where I stayed for my formative years.  Following my adoptive parents’ demise and gaining access to my adoption papers, I moved back to my homeland where I have been ever since.

I followed a nursing career, trained as a counsellor and gained an honours degree in Theatre.  I moved to St Buryan in the early Eighties where I became the village wisewoman.

I made the decision to retire when I reached my 60th birthday and would be drawing a pension. As the time approached I decided to retire officially on the Spring Equinox 2010 as it was on that date I began my business as village wisewoman all those years ago. It also balanced my account books.

I was really looking forward to having a well-earned rest and a bit of peace and quiet…..well….was I in for a surprise!! Where on earth did I find the time to work before?

My feet haven’t touched the ground since, or if they have it is in a very different way as I have learned how to Morris dance! A lot of time and energy goes into being with our team Boekka as a Teazer, dancer and percussionist.  It’s a fascinating world which isn’t all about bells and hankies, but more about wearing disguise, waving sticks around and exhibiting a lot of attitude…right up my street!

Although I have stopped trading as a wisewoman, it is a lifestyle as well as a profession, so I am still the Wisewoman of St Buryan and will remain so until the end of my life.


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  1. Dear Ms. Latham-Jones! Greetings from Kentucky, USA. What a delight to know that your cunning tradition survives so well in this modern age. Watching you work in the YouTube video is so familiar and so inspiring. You must know that the traditions you so faithfully practice have traveled to America and still exist today in certain areas as they do in the U.K. I have been studying them for over 40 years and am a traditional healer myself. You are so correct when you state that this life in not for the faint-hearted and does wander the “wild side” at times. I will be lecturing on the Appalachian “granny-woman” tradition soon and I would like to mention you if that is okay with you. If I can get to the U.K, I would love to meet and chat with you. Best wishes and bright blessings to you. Jack

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  2. I bought your book when I was in Cornwall last year. As a solitary witch I found it very interesting how your life has twisted and turned and you have ended up where you are. I loved the energy in Cornwall so much that I am here again to celebrate my 50th birthday. It’s an amazing place and I think you are very lucky to live here.


  3. Cassandra, you’re wonderful. Grumpy Witchcraft or not, I’ll always visit for the annual picture of me you and Laetitia. Love reading the blog. Can’t wait to do a workshop when 2020/2021 permits. See you at the Gathering! Well, this year it was meant to be the 7th year – a tradition born under the full moon of the 31st! Nevermind, we shall see you and Laetitia’s Vampyre Group regardless! Karen x


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