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I was recently contacted by Julian Vayne who asked me to take part in a series of video interviews upon the theme of My Magical Thing.  This is my personal contribution.

(Temporarily removed)

Life coincidently brought this documentary to me.  It was produced a year ago in 2018 by Vince Chapple.  Obviously the main focus of this footage is of an edited interview with myself in a talking heads scenario.  However, I must point out that my name has not been mentioned on the description and the imagery portrayed in this film is of artefacts (plus a cat) from another person’s household.

Although this interview for Open University was conducted quite a few years ago now, not a lot has changed regarding my approach and practice to my work.

This is a 18th Century charm for the creation of a witch bottle.  I was asked by the Cornish Studies Library to provide a soundtrack by reading this charm for an exhibition about Cornish witchcraft in October 2013.


This is a poster from the event.

I have a short interview about Tammy Blee (Tamsin Blight) in this footage.  Filmed in 2010 by and appeared in the Cornwall Film Festival that same year.

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