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Life coincidently brought this documentary to me.  It was produced a year ago in 2018 by Vince Chapple.  Obviously the main focus of this footage is of an edited interview with myself in a talking heads scenario.  However, I must point out that my name has not been mentioned on the description and the imagery portrayed in this film is of artefacts (plus a cat) from another person’s household.


Although this interview for Open University was conducted quite a few years ago now, not a lot has changed regarding my approach and practice to my work.


This is a 18th Century charm for the creation of a witch bottle.  I was asked by the Cornish Studies Library to provide a soundtrack by reading this charm for an exhibition about Cornish witchcraft in October 2013.



This is a poster from the event.


I have a short interview about Tammy Blee (Tamsin Blight) in this footage.  Filmed in 2010 by and appeared in the Cornwall Film Festival that same year.


One thought on “News and Media

  1. This comment is related to the interview by Vince Chapple entitled ‘The Witch’. Cassandra, I am shocked that after this man spent a whole hour with you discussing many aspects of the Craft his intention was to focus on the 11 minutes concerning an old feud and make this the main subject of his interview. You were unaware this was his intention or that he would also include footage of Gemma Gary’s artefacts and ‘cauldron antics’. How disappointing.


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