Wisewoman Walks

An Afternoon with a Wisewoman


A chance to experience our unique landscape with a wisewoman as your guide.  Not only will you be given the choice of visiting a vast array of megalithic sites, but also your trip will be accompanied by tales of local folklore, herb lore and folk magic.

WalkOct2014 004

Our weather and terrain can be both varied and dramatic.  Please come suitably attired in sturdy footwear and waterproof clothing.

Had the most wonderful walk with Cassandra and Laetitia, who introduced me to some of the stunning ancient sites on their doorsteps. They were easy company, and so generous with their knowledge and information- it was fascinating to see these atmospheric places through their eyes. A memorable experience for which I am very grateful.


WalkOct2014 041

“My trip to West Penwith was so fantastic so wonderful funny and insightful. I learned much about the land of Cornwall and also about personal practice on our trip to a few choice sacred sites right outside their kitchen window! I will miss those windy hills and that smell in the air that brought a shiver of exploration and wild mysticism to my step. In the future I must go down again!”


Walk2013 021

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the wonderful Walk last week. We are back at work today one week on and settling back into the London ways, all the while being mentally tugged by Cornwall. Since our walk we have been noticing the hedgerow flowers and trees much more!”



WalkJune2016 007

WalkJune2016 002

WalkJuly2016 034

WalkAugust2016 007

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